Payment Options

We accept:
  • Cash 
  • Cheques 
  • Direct Credit (Internet banking – phone banking) 
  • Visa and Mastercard 


  • Q card and Farmers Card

We are pleased to offer our patients a convenient way to pay for their healthcare needs.

With 12 months no payments and no interest* on treatments $200 and over, you can get the treatment you want, when you want it.

Talk to us about this payment option and begin your treatment today.

*12 months no payments and no interest (“Payment Holiday”) is available on Q Card Flexi Payment Plans. Minimum spend $200. Account Fees may apply. A $55 Establishment Fee for new Q Cardholders and a $35 Advance Fee for existing Q Cardholders will apply. Q Card Standard Interest Rate applies to any outstanding balance at end of Payment Holiday. Offer is ongoing. Q Card lending criteria, fees, terms and conditions apply. 

  • ACC

ACC normally cover any accident to your teeth that has not occurred during normal eating. Sometimes ACC do not pay dentists the full amount and occasionally we charge a surcharge to bring the fee up to the same cost as a private fee. Also, if the tooth in question is already deemed weakened by a previous dental treatment, then ACC will reduce their cover accordingly.  In this case, the patient may be required to cover the difference. 

  • Adolescents – up to age 18years

We provide free basic dental services for adolescents from school Year 9  until their 18th birthday.  The community Oral Health Service will normally provide enrolment information at the end of school year 8, or adolescents can enrol directly with a contracted dentist.  As contracted dentists we provide free basic dental care (excluding orthodontic procedures) for 13-18year olds, government funded.  

  • Health Insurance

Most health insurance providers ask that the patient pay first then reimburses them after the claim has gone in.

  • WINZ and Low Income Grants

If you are unable to pay for your treatment and need dental treatment for pain or infection there are a couple of options that may help with funding.  WINZ may be able to help you with an emergency dental grant to get you out of pain.  A person with a community service card may also be able to receive some assistance from the Low Income Scheme for relief of pain and infection.  Talk to our receptionist prior to your appointment, to discuss if either of these options would be available for your situation.